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 ~~Old Farm Community Gardens is located in the Old Farm Community in Colorado Springs. All are welcome to become a member. The annual cost is .11 cents per square foot with each plot averaging 20 ft by 20 ft (or about $52 per year). This fee pays for water usage and covers small administrative costs.  Each garden plot requires a one-time $35 deposit (refundable when you leave the garden).  There are about 50 plots and presently we do not have a wait list to get in. We encourage organic gardening. Most of our gardeners use compost, alpaca, cow or horse manure to enrich their soil. Since our gardens are about 6800 feet above sea level it is important to know what and when to plant. Some of us employ many season extending methods to get a fruitful crop. Please contact us to share what works for you or ask us about what we do. We have had great success with onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, broccoli, squash of all kinds, spinach, lettuce, sweet corn, beans, cucumbers, parsnips, peppers, peas, cabbage. kale, beets, chard, collards, turnips and herbs of all kinds. Many gardeners have had great success growing tomatoes under plastic hoop tunnels. If you are interested in reserving a plot please visit the contact us page and submit a request to be on the wait list.

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Our Mission

At Old Farm Community Gardens, our mission is simple:  To promote organic, natural gardening that encourages "growing your own" amongst the community

Our Pledge

We here at Old Farm Community Gardens pledge to  create harmony in our garden and promote gardening to everyone