We love our


Many of our gardeners plant multiple varieties of garlic in the fall for superior harvesting in July of the next season.  A few favorites are Music, Chet's Italian, Spanish Roja, Chesnok Red


Big Beef

 ~~These tomatoes grow on indeterminate vines. They have a beef steak taste in an early maturing tomato. It is juicy and very meaty. Great as a slicer or on salads. Don't be surprised (if you grow them in hoop tunnels) to get over 100 ripe tomatoes before fall..

Greens for Salads

Mizuna, Osakna Purple Mustard

 ~~Mizuna and Osaka Purple Mustard will add zest and "personality" to any salad. They are as tasty as they are beautiful.


 Romaine's, Buttercrunch

 ~~Most leaf-type and romaine do well when planted in spring, but our all time favorite is Buttercrunch. It tastes sweet when grown in spring, summer or fall. Try making lettuce wraps with this one.


 ~~Candy, Red Candy and Super Star Sweet Onions

 ~~These are all day neutral varieties that grow exceptionally well in this region. It is not unusual for many of our gardeners to get softball size onions by mid August. They are sweet and store reasonably well.

Our favorite vegetables